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Residential-Scale Mini Wind Systems Increasingly Popular

The Mini Wind sector is reportedly growing at an annual rate of 15% in the U. S. despite the overall economic situation that might have you expect otherwise. One explanation is that the smart money (those people that stopped ‘flipping properties’ in 2006 or are gradually pulling their money out of the stock market since July ’07) seem to be heavily moving into having their own Green Power systems and also take advantage of that 30% federal income tax break everybody is talking about. Another explanation is the move toward safe-haven investments (gold, selected real estate, commodities or other tangibles). One of these may be having a residential-scale power system, particularly if it is properly configured to provide backup during blackouts.

Airdolphin Z1000-24 pricey quality small wind turbine available from miniwindshop Hamburg and online from

While we do not believe too much in those ‘suburbistan’ scenarios where the security benefit of backup power would be the most eminent, a certain degree of power independence is always a good thing — particularly if it comes with little extra effort while making your move from CO2-heavy centralized grid power to environmentally-friendly residential-scale Renewables!

Ready-Made Solutions and Turn-Key Packages

Striving to make Green Energy more accessible to everyone, we have developed and will soon launch a grid-tie pre-engineered mini wind system that comes complete with permit-ready documentation and an installation manual in plain English.

Pre-register here and be part of our client base to receive updates and upcoming release information right when they become available.

According to our customers, the lack of ready-made solutions and turn-key packages is the missing link in mini wind turbine technology. We’ll deliver just that!

What’s ‘Micro Wind’?

‘Micro Wind’ usually refers to very small wind turbines ranging from roughly 100 Watts to 1.5 Kilowatts rated output (the next class above that threshold are ‘Mini Wind’ turbines).

Now, before anyone thinks of calling them “toys” or tries to ridicule them, please keep in mind that generators producing constant loads as low as 100 Watts are nothing to be discounted and that even Continue reading

LE-2000 Merlin, 2.5 KW Mini Wind Turbine

A compact yet powerful and rugged mini wind turbine. Can be run alone or in a wind-solar hybrid system or combined in a multiple turbine setting. Capable of powering a house, small farm or business, LE-2000 Merlin is an allround solution fitting a large number of local situations.

  • rotor diameter 3.5 m
  • capacity 2.5 KW @11 m/s
  • 3.0 KWp
  • rated very conservatively by manufacturer @8 m/s as 1.1 KW
  • proprietary 3-phase axial Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet
  • generator voltage 240 V AC
  • native AC generation for smaller cable dimensions than DC, lower
    cost of cables and longer maximum distance allowable between generator
    and connect point
  • utility-grade 230 V power and/or grid-interconnection for feeding-outof Clean Energy with suitable inverters
  • cut-in wind speed only 3 m/s
  • excellent performance at truly low wind speeds
  • high versatility, generator can run continuously in extreme wind
    situations with no cut-out required for generator (but possibly for
    protection of peripheral equipment)
  • low visual impact design
  • no rudder needed due to downwind design
  • direct drive, no need for gearboxes, oil or any
    maintenance-intensive parts
  • rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • incentives available:
    • U. S.: qualifies for a 30% U. S. federal income tax break
    • net-metering laws in place in many U. S. states
    • Feed-in tariff in VT (20¢/KWh)
    • U. K.: eligible in Britain for mini-wind Feed-in tariff at 26.7p/KWh
      for electricity generated (29.7p for exported surplus o the grid

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LE-1000 Mistral, 1100 W Mini Wind Turbine

A small but quite powerful and visually pleasing mini wind turbine, Mistral weighs only 22 kgs and can be easily mounted on a simple guyed tower. (A slightly more expensive free-standing tower is also available.) Heavy-duty design throughout, steel and powder-coated, this turbine is built to last and has only two moving parts. Designed and manufactured in the U. K., low carbon footprint from manufacturing to deployment (not an air-delivered and CO2-heavy piece of rubbish from the Far East). Still only a reasonable £1.88 per Watt installed.

  • rotor diameter 2.0 m
  • rated very conservatively by manufacturer as 300 W @8 m/s
  • capacity 850 W @11 m/s
  • 1160 Wp
  • proprietary axial Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet Alternator
  • utility-grade 230 V power and/or grid-interconnection for feeding-out of Clean Energy with suitable inverters
  • expected power output from 759 KWh/a to 1400 KWh/a
  • corresponds to avoidance of 342 kgs to 635 kgs of CO2 per year
  • cut-in wind speed 3 m/s

Airdolphin GTO™ 250 V DC Mini Wind Turbine

One of the most silent wind turbines on the market, Airdolphin GTO™ is also one of the most innovative generators we have seen. Including no less than ten novel features, this mini wind turbine has much more to offer than just a very eye-pleasing appearance and the world’s lowest weight-to-output ratio of just 16.5 grams per Watt of rated power: Airdolphin GTO™’s overall power generating capability stands out and tops everything in its class, producing annual totals that make it a viable source of residential power.

  • rotor diameter 5’11″ (1.8 m)
  • top power 4.1 KWp
  • Airdolphin GTO™ is grid-tie optimized for feeding-out or exporting electricity to the public grid
  • internal generator voltage 250 V DC
  • grid-interconnection using common solar PV inverters: these are more widespread and lower-cost than specialized micro wind inverters used in low voltage systems
  • connects to 120 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz breaker boxes using brand name inverters (UL approved/CE approved)
  • capable of generating the same amount of electricity in suitable wind conditions as a much more expensive 6 KW photovoltaic system would
  • cut-in windspeed 5 mph (2.5 m/s)
  • start-up windspeed (electronically) 0 mph (0.0 m/s) with ‘power assist’ function, improves extreme low-wind performance
  • extremely wide range of power-producing wind speeds: from 5 mph (2.5 m/s) to 100 mph (50 m/s), i e from a light breeze to Hurricane-force extreme weather
  • survival-windspeed of 125 mph (65 m/s), meaning Airdolphin likely to be “last man standing”…
  • swing rudder system makes Airdolphin highly responsive to gusty winds and suitable for built-up areas, increasing total annual output significantly even in “unclean” wind situations
  • optimum 4.1 KWp power output reached at wind speed of 20 m/s for 20-40 secs
  • electronic generator breaking mechanism for RPM reduction in high winds and remote start/stop control (incl internet-based control and monitoring over standard web browser)
  • rated capacity 1.1 KW @12.5 m/s
  • exceptionally low noise levels due to advanced blade design: Al Gore recently saw one and noted that it’s pretty silent when running…
  • neat overall design with diecast alloy casing reducing optical impact on surroundings
  • maintenance-free design, electronically balanced blades, anti-corrosion teflon-based paint, screwless casing
  • design life of 20+ years
  • total weight just 17.5 kgs
  • our low-price guarantee: we’ll match the total price if you found it cheaper somewhere else, just e-mail us!
  • optimized for interconnection with the public grid, Airdolphin GTO™ is a good choice for owners intending to feed-out Clean Energy and, at the same time, collect attractive net-metering credits or Feed-in tariff payments decreasing the payback period significantly and increasing overall profits from system
  • Airdolphin GTO ™ is available here, worldwide shipping available
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