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Airdolphin Z1000-24 Mini Wind Turbine

One of the most silent wind turbines on the market, Airdolphin is also one of the most innovative generators we have seen. Including no less than ten novel features, this mini wind turbine has much more to offer than just a very eye-pleasing appearance and the world’s lowest weight-to-output ratio of just 16.5 grams per Watt of rated power: Airdolphin’s overall power generation capability stands out and tops everything in its class, producing annual totals that make it a viable source of residential power.

* rotor diameter 1.8 m
* top power 3.2 KWp
* generator voltage 25 V DC
* inverters available for 230 V AC/120 V AC utility-grade power and/or grid-interconnection and feeding-out clean energy
* cut-in windspeed 2.5 m/s
* start-up windspeed (electronically) 0.0 m/s with ‘power assist’ function, improves extreme low-wind performance
* extremely wide range of power-producing wind speeds: from 2.5 m/s to 50 m/s, i e from a light breeze to Taifun-force extreme weather
* survival-windspeed of 65 m/s, meaning Airdolphin likely to be “last man standing”…
* swing rudder system makes Airdolphin highly responsive to gusty winds and suitable for built-up areas, increasing total annual output significantly even in “unclean” wind situations
* optimum 3.2 KWp power output reached at wind speed of 20 m/s for 20-40 secs
* electronic generator breaking mechanism for RPM reduction in high winds and remote start/stop control (incl internet-based control and monitoring over standard web browser)
* expected annual production of 1900 KWh to 2200 KWh at suitable sites
* very good sites might come in at 2500 KWh/a or even more, depending on local wind situation
* rated capacity 1.0 KW @12.5 m/s
* exceptionally low noise levels due to advanced blade design
* neat overall design with diecast alloy casing reducing optical impact on surroundings
* maintenance-free design, electronically balanced blades, anti-corrosion teflon-based paint, screwless casing
* design life of 20+ years
* total weight only 17.5 kgs
* eligible in the U. K. for highest micro-wind Feed-in tariff band of 30.5p/KWh generated or 35.5p for any electricity exported to the U. K. public mains grid (Please note: the U. K. FIT is effective from 10 April 2010)

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