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Door Now Open for Feed-In Tariffs in the U. S.

The U. S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has ruled that U. S. states are free to enact their own feed-in tariff policies. This effectively clears the way for Feed-In Tariffs in the U. S. at state level similar to the ones in Germany or in the Province of Ontario. This decision by the chief regulatory body is expected to provide a further boost to Home Power and Renewable Energy as a whole on top of the already positive sentiment among U. S. consumers.

Latest polls show that up to 91% of consumers are in favor of Home Power generation and would be interested to set up their own systems sooner rather than later. The U. S. small wind energy sector has already experienced a 15% annual growth over the last years and is expected to accelerate even further. Equally bright are the prospects for Solar Power with improved technologies in solar thermal and CSP (concentrated solar power) as well as PV (photovoltaic or solar electric) generation.

Using Home Power for Hedging Yourself in Two Ways

The beauty of a Play in Residential-Scale Green Energy is its capability of hedging you against both a general economic downturn and an increase in electricity prices at one go. Both are likely to happen rather soon (and yes, even though it may sound contradictory from a conventional economic point of view to have both a severe recession or even deflation and an increase in energy prices at roughly the same time, this is still a very likely scenario). The supporting fundamentals for both are in place, it’s just a matter of time for them to materialize.

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Can Airdolphin Power My Home?

Some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive is how much power to expect from mini wind turbines and if they can supplement in a meaningful way or even fully power an average home.

A very brief overview on what to expect in a real-life setting from a small wind turbine and how to expand energy output in a domestic setting.

This PDF leaflet is part of the downloadable information we provide free to registered website users.

Mini Wind + Solar = Perfect Home Power Mix

For both small and larger applications, miniwind and solar go nicely together in hybrid systems and help building the perfect Home Power mix of Clean and Green Energy. What matters is that it’s Renewable and Low Impact — both visually and overall-environmentally!