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CSP Offering Powerful and Low-Cost Power Solutions

The CSP generator unit we announced earlier this year is both extremely powerful and small in size. Using CSP or Concentrating Solar Power, the SopoLite™ unit generates heat for both power generation or direct heat applications (hot water, air conditioning/refrigeration, process heat). The SopoLite™ system is available as a part of the Mini Wind & Solar Technologies program by ecoPen Ltd. For details about CSP in general and the SopoLite™ system, please e-mail or leave a Reply to this article below.

SopoLite™ can be adapted to Home Power applications and is suitable for larger-scale power generation including commercial process heat and electricity generation using thermal engines. Sopogy trough technology can be configured to replace natural gas or other fossil power plants and significantly reduce carbon emmissions.

Micro CSP SopoLite system, installed to a car trailer for mobile operation.

The system consists of a scaled-down version of Sopogy’s parabolic trough that is able to follow the sun from east to west during the course of the day. As in a typical solar field, a mineral oil circulating through the system gains temperature as the parabolic trough is focused at the sun with a proprietary tracking system. The heat generated in this fashion is typically used for electricity generation, air conditioning and process heat applications. On the SopoLite™, various sensors measure the temperature gain, the flow velocities, solar irradiance, wind speed, rainfall and ambient temperature. These parameters are used to determine the thermal output of the collectors. The sophisticated controls allow remote access to evaluate all relevant data through an interactive graphic interface.

Micro CSP SopoLite system, installed to a car trailer for mobile operation.

CSP systems can be configured and dimensioned to suit all kinds of energy needs, from small Home Power generation and business/rental generators to larger arrays covering entire communities or commercial refer warehouses, for example. One of the key benefits of these CSP systems is customisation and modularity.

Micro CSP SopoLite system, installed to a car trailer for mobile operation.

The pre-configured variants of the SopoLite™ system are able to cover larger and commercial energy needs and are priced around £49,600.00 in the U. K. or roughly €54,800.00 in Eurozone and other EEC countries. Although residential-scale or small business systems can be deployed, SopoLite™ systems are tailoured for and primarily focused towards larger-scale residential developments, real estate management, commercial energy users and businesses who want to green their operations and significantly cut on high energy cost.

In the U. K., SopoLite™ systems are expected to be eligible for payments of 18.6p per KWh equivalent generated under the MCS Solar Thermal scheme (green energy cashback).

For further details, to discuss system requirements or to receive a no-obligation quote for an individual project, please contact us using the Reply field below.