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Rated Wind-Speed of Mini Wind Turbines: Asian Manufacturers’ Dirty Little Trick

Small wind turbine classification is somewhat blurred due to the fact that some manufacturers have been pushing to rate their turbines at a very high wind speed of 12 m/sec instead of the usual lower 8 m/sec. As this might give their turbines a less impressive image, resorting to that artificially high (and both unprofessional and rather sleazy) 12 m/sec “standard” is increasingly used in the marketplace by Asian manufacturers to trick buyers into believing that their products are more powerful than they truly are. This will lead to disappointment and dissatisfied customers in the long run. It might even give Mini Wind Power a bad name in general over traditionally less-economical Solar Energy photovoltaic technology and re-infuriate that quite unreasonable “holy war” between Home Wind Power and Solar Energy.

On top, that “little trick” from Asia is nothing more than unfair competition, confusing customers and, as a result, making many of them arrive at a wrong buying decision. Certainly for the advantage of cheap (but, at closer scrutiny, not-so-powerful Chinese, and sometimes Japanese) wind turbine models.

Many British, European and U. S. manufacturers’ adherance to that solid 8 m/sec rule is therefore very commendable. Ratings at different (higher) wind speeds can then be provided separately for easier comparison and debunking those Asian over-clocked “ratings”.