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How to Ephemeralize Using Micro Wind and Solar Technologies

The concept of Ephemeralization is a very powerful description of the general idea of “doing more with less” or using resources efficiently. It has been described by Richard Buckminster Fuller, dubbed “Earth’s Friendly Genius”, as one of the Generalized Principles of the Universe and, thus, a powerful force that applies to each and every person or object just like a natural law (e g gravity).

Richard Buckminster Fuller, outlining the Generalized Principle of Ephemeralization (or “doing more with less”), has laid out the blueprint for an Economy of Abundance.

Generating clean energy from Renewables clearly is an integral part of what “Earth’s Friendly Genius” (Buckminster Fuller) had in mind. As a futurist, Buckminster Fuller knew very well that history is a reflection of the amount and efficiency of energy use by humans.

De-centralized clean energy from Renewables brings the individual (private households, small businesses, charities and other small organizations) closer to attaining Abundance. It helps us all leaving the iron grip of power companies, the national grid, bureaucracies and similar collective institutions behind and re-gain a part of our freedom and some wealth at the same time. Creating more energy than we consume, we even contribute to bringing about a wider Economy of Abundance along the way.