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Solar-Friendly Farm for Sale

With over 200 sq m of soth-southwesterly roof space, there is an enormous opportunity in Sweden’s Värmland province for smart investors and solar-friendly real estate buyers coming to market.

Solar-friendly smallholding on the shores of Lake Vaner, Värmalnd province, Sweden: English is spoken, feel free to enquire for details!  --  Resthof, nur 2 km zum riesigen Vänersee: Ferienhaus für bis zu 8 Personen

The Mellgarden small farm is a classical Scandinavian smallholding and is situated right in the Lake Vaner area (the largest body of freshwater in Western Europe). On top of the cast roof space that can either be used for own generation purposes or potentially leased-out to third-party Renewables operators (including any eco-friendly neighbours), the property boasts a beautiful and solid timber villa (built 1904) plus two farm buildings and an extra garage on a total area of 3430 sq m (or just under 1 acre/approx 1.5 acres U. S.). Details and a complete listing are available here.