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Small Wind Turbines, Solar Power, Inverters and Other Renewable Energy Components: Construction Suppliers

Working with construction and project management companies internationally, we supply Renewables equipment to worldwide construction projects, port facilities, bridge or airport construction and for civil engineering requirements, real estate management companies, real estate developments both large and small.

When Your Project Needs Power, We Have Got Renewables and Clean Energy Solutions

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Having power requirements, remote power needs for buildings, for railroads, signalling, data networking, telecommunications equipment, weather stations, webcams, or having any kind of power problems with your project? Then we’ve got solutions:

  • Solar Energy, including innovative Micro Inverters at low prices
  • SCHOTT Solar of Germany and other High-Quality PV Panels
  • Small Wind Turbines, Plug-In Wind Generators & Accessories
  • SMA Inverters and other components, wide range of models
  • volume discounts for bulk solar PV products (pallets or FCL)
  • Powering remote installations with Renewable Energy
  • Advanced CSP units with high power output and efficiency

We Are Global Renewables Solutions Providers Delivering Small Wind Turbines and Solar Energy Equipment to Engineering Projects Worldwide

Offering a large selection of Renewables products ranging from German-made SCHOTT Solar PV Modules and similarly high-quality solar panels and SMA Inverters, Enecsys Micro Inverters or top-quality Leading Edge Mini Wind Turbines to CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) generators for Refrigeration or electricity generation needs, we also have low-price bulk offers to deliver equipment in quantity on pallets or FCL.

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Whatever the size of your project or your project’s particular requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs to experience our world-class service and attention to detail and to get a quote for our most competitive prices.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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