LE-1000 Mistral, 1100 W Mini Wind Turbine

A small but quite powerful and visually pleasing mini wind turbine, Mistral weighs only 22 kgs and can be easily mounted on a simple guyed tower. (A slightly more expensive free-standing tower is also available.) Heavy-duty design throughout, steel and powder-coated, this turbine is built to last and has only two moving parts. Designed and manufactured in the U. K., low carbon footprint from manufacturing to deployment (not an air-delivered and CO2-heavy piece of rubbish from the Far East). Still only a reasonable £1.88 per Watt installed.

  • rotor diameter 2.0 m
  • rated very conservatively by manufacturer as 300 W @8 m/s
  • capacity 850 W @11 m/s
  • 1160 Wp
  • proprietary axial Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet Alternator
  • utility-grade 230 V power and/or grid-interconnection for feeding-out of Clean Energy with suitable inverters
  • expected power output from 759 KWh/a to 1400 KWh/a
  • corresponds to avoidance of 342 kgs to 635 kgs of CO2 per year
  • cut-in wind speed 3 m/s