LE-2000 Merlin, 2.5 KW Mini Wind Turbine

A compact yet powerful and rugged mini wind turbine. Can be run alone or in a wind-solar hybrid system or combined in a multiple turbine setting. Capable of powering a house, small farm or business, LE-2000 Merlin is an allround solution fitting a large number of local situations.

  • rotor diameter 3.5 m
  • capacity 2.5 KW @11 m/s
  • 3.0 KWp
  • rated very conservatively by manufacturer @8 m/s as 1.1 KW
  • proprietary 3-phase axial Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet
  • generator voltage 240 V AC
  • native AC generation for smaller cable dimensions than DC, lower
    cost of cables and longer maximum distance allowable between generator
    and connect point
  • utility-grade 230 V power and/or grid-interconnection for feeding-outof Clean Energy with suitable inverters
  • cut-in wind speed only 3 m/s
  • excellent performance at truly low wind speeds
  • high versatility, generator can run continuously in extreme wind
    situations with no cut-out required for generator (but possibly for
    protection of peripheral equipment)
  • low visual impact design
  • no rudder needed due to downwind design
  • direct drive, no need for gearboxes, oil or any
    maintenance-intensive parts
  • rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • incentives available:
    • U. S.: qualifies for a 30% U. S. federal income tax break
    • net-metering laws in place in many U. S. states
    • Feed-in tariff in VT (20¢/KWh)
    • U. K.: eligible in Britain for mini-wind Feed-in tariff at 26.7p/KWh
      for electricity generated (29.7p for exported surplus o the grid

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