Crissy Track, It’s Easy Being Green

Crissy Trask, It's Easy Being Green

Surveys find that over 80 percent of Americans agree with the goals of the environmental movement. Sadly, most Americans admit to doing little more than basic recycling when it comes to acting on that disposition. What is the reason for this great divide between environmental sentiment in this country and individual actions?

Author and environmental consultant Crissy Trask seeks to answer this question-and solve the disparity-with a new book that makes it easy to be an environmentalist, no matter how busy or hectic your lifestyle. This is a day to day guide with simple, practical suggestions that anyone can put into action, like:

  • Install rain gutters and rain barrels to collect rainwater from your roof to use in the garden.
  • Shift appliance use to off-peak hours. Some utility companies offer off-peak rates, so you’ll save money!
  • How to make effective household cleaners instead of relying on toxic commercial products.
  • Submerge a plastic bottle in your toilet tank to save one quart of water per flush and thousands of gallons a year.

This is what the busy person needs to start making changes today. Get informative, comprehensive and practical information for adopting greener buying habits and identifying earth-friendly products; shopping for green products online; participating in online activism; and learning from tips for cultivating a sustainable environment.

Table Of Contents:

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Green Living Myths
  • Chapter 2: Make a Change
  • Chapter 3: Eco-Tips for Living Greener
  • Chapter 4: Buy Green
  • Chapter 5: Green Shopping Online
  • Chapter 6: Resources to Help the Earth
  • Chapter 7: Some Good News
  • Note

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