SMA WindyBoy 3800 Grid-Tie Inverter

WindyBoy 3800 Grid-Tie Inverter by SMA

This inverter connects mini wind turbines direct to your domestic or small-business breaker box. No need for buffer batteries, no need for varistor-based capacitor modules or the like. Having a battery-free system is both better from an environmental point of view and less costly.

  • batteries contain lead-acid or other harmful substances, batteries wear out over time, need to be disposed of and replaced leaving both poisonous waste and a nasty bill at that…
  • batteries can only store and retrieve a set amount of the energy fed into them — usually between 55% and 80% — which means you are wasting some of the valuable power you just generated
  • varistors (used in some battery-free low-voltage wind turbine settings) can produce EMF (electrosmog) and should not be placed in an attick close to a bedroom or child’s room but in an outbuilding, garage or the like
  • specialised inverters for low-voltage setups — e g 25 Volts — tend to be more expensive than even a significantly more powerful solar PV inverter (produced in larger numbers at less cost)
  • and, finally, grid-tied mini wind turbines are themselves more powerful and cost roughly 10% less than battery-charge models

Therefore, unless you are planning an off-grid or battery-charge system or prefer a low-voltage setup for any other reason, you might want to use the “Grid-Tie Optimised” variant for your Home Power needs.