Solar Modulwechselrichter ENECSYS SMI-240 (Micro Inverter)

Diese in Europa entwickelten und gefertigten Solar Modulwechselrichter (Micro inverters) machen kostengünstigere Solaranlagen möglich und erlauben den Ersatz kostspieliger Gleichstromkabel durch preiswerte handelsübliche Wechselstromkabel.

[European-made micro inverters help economizing on cabling cost as expensive DC cables are replaced with low-cost standard AC wiring. Offered at competitive prices as these items are NOT flown in around half the world from China but manufactured on the spot.]


Micro inverter Enecsys SMI-S200 price low online from

The ENECSYS SMI-200 micro inverter is part of a wider range of micro inverter models stepping up small increments of roughly 20 Watts in order to match solar PV module output and avoid over- or under capacities. The ENECSYS SMI-S200 is the model best suited for 180 W solar panels like the high-quality German-made SCHOTT 180 W monocristalline panels and a wide range of similar models. ENECSYS inverters are European-made high quality products and have a much lower-carbon footprint cradle-to-cradle than products flown in from half around the globe. ENECSYS micro inverters come with full G-83, VDE-0126-1-1, ÖNORM or UL certificaion to meet local operating requirements in most countries.

The Micro Inverter ENECSYS SMI-S200 is priced significantly lower than many similar models thanks to not being shipped from China.

Micro inverters generally allow a much more flexible approach to solar energy installations that string or central inverters as each module can be controlled, monitored for performance and, if necessary, replaced through specific operating measures. On top of cabling cost reduction, this is a major advantage of micro inverters. The micro inverter model Enecsys SMI-S200 is compliant with most international grid connection rules and is available for grid-tie setups in all major markets, and there are three models available with European (VDE 126-1-1), U. K. (G83) and U. S. (UL approval) certification. Go to the Enecsys website for further details from the manufacturer.



Micro Inverter ENECSYS SMI-S200. Suitable for solar PV module grid-tie connection (designed for solar panels in the 180 W range and up to 200 W).

(Modulwechselrichter, entwickelt und gebaut in Europa (kein Fernost-Billigartikel), geeignet für Photovoltaikmodule bis 200 W. Lesen Sie weitere Einzelheiten zu Arbeitweise, Aufbau und Installation von Enecsys Modulwechselrichtern auf der Webpräsenz des Herstellers.