LE-2000 Merlin, 2.5 KW Mini Wind Turbine

LE-2000 Merlin is a very powerful mini wind turbine suitable for households, a small farm or business alike. Its sleek downwind design make it both visually pleasing and lightweight. The turbines low TSR (tip speed ratio) helps reducing operating noise to roughly 45 dBA. At 15 m distance, LE-2000 Merlin only adds 3 dBA to the surrounding noise. A variety of tailor-made towers (free-standing tubed or a cheaper guyed tower) are available. This turbine can easily be connected to your domestic breaker box using a brand name inverter for powering existing appliances and grid connection. Compared with solar PV, this turbine comes in at just $1.59 per Watt installed.

  • rotor diameter 3.0 m
  • 3.0 KWp
  • capacity @11 m/s: 2.5 KW
  • rated very conservatively by manufacturer @8 m/s as 1.1 KW
  • proprietary 3-phase axial Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet Alternator
  • generator voltage 240 V AC
  • native AC generation for smaller cable dimensions than DC, lower cost of cables and longer maximum distance allowable between generator and connect point
  • utility-grade 230 V power and/or grid-interconnection for feeding-out of Clean Energy with suitable inverters
  • cut-in wind speed only 3 m/s
  • excellent performance at truly low wind speeds
  • UK green energy cashback of 31.2p per KWh exported to the grid
  • high versatility, generator can run continuously in extreme wind situations with no cut-out required for generator (but possibly for protection of peripheral equipment)
  • low visual impact design
  • no rudder needed due to downwind design
  • direct drive, no need for gearboxes, oil or any maintenance-intensive parts
  • rugged, heavy-duty construction

LE-2000 Merlin has moderate operating sound levels thanks to the turbine’s low Tip-Speed Ratio and is suitable for residential applications; the sound level close to the turbine is similar to spoken words and decreases further with distance.

LE-2000 Merlin has moderate operating sound levels thanks to a Low Tip-Speed Ratio