LE-v50 Vertical Axis Micro Wind Turbine

This is the first VERTICAL axis turbine we have added to our range of products: LE-v50, a micro wind turbine that is both extremely easily installed and visually pleasing. A vertical Micro turbine may even be hooked to building corners and balconies or used in locations with relatively unclean (turbulent) wind in the proximity of buildings or trees.


Very rugged and high-quality, built to last, coated to even withstand marine environments. Suitable for fixed as well as mobile operation (houses/towers or boats and campers etc). Manufactured in the U. K. Highest green energy cashback rate of 39.3p per KWh exported to the grid (highest FIT band as turbine is <1.5 KW).

The LE-v50 is initially available as a 12 V or 24 V battery-charge model and can power small appliances or bring electricity to off-grid locations or any other places where there is no outlet or where costly wiring is not feasible. The LE-v50 is also suitable to protect batteries by keeping them from deep-discharge in winter.

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