Small Wind Turbine LE-300 Wren

The Small Wind Turbine LE-300 Wren is an extremely lightweight and attractive micro wind generator. Perfectly suited for Home Power and residential-scale renewables as well as personal or industrial remote power needs, LE-300 can be used alone, coupled with multiple LE-300 or other turbines as well as wind-solar hybrid installations. LE-300 Wren comes with rotor blades manufactured using a Rapid Injection Molding process to increase stability and reduce hazard around the turbine. Direct-drive with axial Permanent Magnet Alternator using Neodymium-Iron-Boron technology. Maintenance-free with sealed-for-life bearings.

small wind turbine LE-300 price low online, home wind turbine, solar power, renewables from

Designed and manufactured in Britain. A small but rugged and heavy-duty micro wind turbine with excellent performance in truly low wind speeds.

    • output 190 W (at 12.0 m/sec)
    • at 8 m/sec rated power: 85 W
    • maximum power output: 300 Wp at 20 m/s
    • rotor diameter: 1.0 m
    • mass: just 5.5 kgs
    • power production 190 KWh/a to 720 KWh/a ≈ up to 325 kgs CO2 avoidance per year
    • UK green energy cashback of 39.3p per KWh exported to the grid (highest FIT band for <1.5 KW rated capacity)

very small and easy to set up

small wind turbine LE-300 price low online, home wind turbine, solar power, renewables from

The LE-300 micro wind turbine is very easy to set up. A tower kit or a complete tower solution is available (for best results, a 35ft free-standing or guyed tower is recommended for most locations).

In some places, the LE-300 may even be installed on a balcony! (Your local wind situation and quality of wind at such a place should be carefully checked in advance though.)

LE-300 Wren is small but powerful, and as wind turbines can operate 24/7 and unlike solar power have no natural down-time during the night can contribute steadily to your power needs. Instant output ranges from as low as around 20 Watts at start-up windspeed to a maximum of 300 Watts and is, therefore, significantly higher as a single generator than a solar PV module. Multiple LE-300 micro wind turbines can also be combined or used in a Mini Wind/Solar hybrid system.

LE-300 can be used either as a home wind turbine or to power remote installations like weather monitoring, webcams, signalling devices or similar in a professional setting.

Expected annual generator production ranges from 240 KWh to over 1050 KWh, depending on location. Particularly when installation cost, cost savings for smaller solar installations than otherwise needed and especially the increasingly significant, recurring monthly subscription fees for grid power supply are added in, the LE-300 can provide a dramatically less costly and independent source of power and thus pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Being an extremely small micro wind turbine, the LE-300 is also very commonly used within hybrid wind and solar power setups both grid-tied or off-grid.

.small wind turbine LE-300 price low online, home wind turbine, solar power, renewables from

A complete Micro Wind Power Kit is available separateley so everyone can start with generating their own energy with very little installation effort and at an extremely low price!