SCHOTT Solar 185 Watt Monocrystalline PV Module

Schott Solar 185 Wp Monocrystallline PV Modules Priced Competitively

Schott Solar 185 Wp mono pv modules are among the highest-quality solar panels available. Still, they come at a very affordable price and almost match Chinese low-cost models. On top, they are manufactured in Germany in accordance with high environmental safety and emissions standards and available to all European or North-American destinations without carbon-intensive air transport around half the globe — which makes very little sense both ecologically and economically.

Schott Solar 185 Wp PV Module’s Successor Is More Powerful Schott 195 Wp Monocrystalline PV Module

The very polular 185 Wp monocrystalline module by Schott Solar has been replaced by its successor, the higher-capacity and, at the same time, even lower-priced Schott Solar 195 Wp monocrystalline solar PV module.

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Solar manufacturers SCHOTT Solar of Germany are a long-established company with a high-quality track record who operate worldwide and started with the development and manufacturing of components for the solar industry back in 1958.

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SCHOTT Solar PV modules are specifically designed for both roof- and ground-mounted applications. Due to strict internal quality standards, all modules benefit from exceptionally long durability, which results in maximised profitability. The crystalline cells within each module are sorted to particularly narrow performance tolerances, thereby allowing series interconnections with minimal mismatch losses.

Description: SCHOTT Mono 185W
Rated Power: 185W
Length: 1620mm
Width: 810mm
Depth: 50mm
Vmpp: 36.3V
Voc: 45V
Impp: 5.1A
Connector: TYCO
Weight: 15.5kg
Clips: Type 112

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