To set up a solar PV or Mini Wind & Solar Hybrid system on the cheap, bulk buying may be for you. Cutting out the middle-man (and the associated cost of a retailer and full-service supplier), this essentially means parts-only deliveries of your exact quantity of components at very low cost.

It’s similar to buying raw materials or buying your solar PV panels as a commodity. Panels come in accordance to specification (e. g. an agreed upon amount of Watts of peak output per panel and item price) and will be delivered in the exact quantities ordered. Capacity typically ranges from 180Wp to 260Wp per panel and panels may be from Chinese or other Asian low-cost manufacturers as well as, though less frequently at these prices, from U. S. or European manufacturers as well. Orders will be taken and accumulated to receive and pass on optimum discounts and the lowest possible prices. Minimum quantity: 10 pieces.

Product specifications of current offer:

  • rated capacity: 235 Wp
  • type: polycristalline
  • cells: 6 in x 6 in each
  • total dimensions : 1637 x 992 x 40 mm
  • weight: 19.2 Kg
  • manufacturer: Sunrise Solartech, Changzhou, P. R. China

Low-cost solar PV panels, parts-only bulk offer at low prices from www.miniwindsystems.com (ecoPen Ltd)