Significantly Lower Prices in Solar PV Modules

Solar PV module prices have fallen considerably over the past year. The same is true for peripherals or “accessories” like PV inverters, switches, or mounting hardware.

This development may be linked to the equally considerable lowering of incentives for solar installations in major markets such as the U. K. and Germany.

While these subsidy cuts very clearly — and disappointingly — point to the fact that apparent booms in installation numbers have been little more than government-controlled spending plans (rather than reasonable households coming to the conclusion that it’s a good idea living more environmentally-friendly), the lowered prices in and by themselves offer numerous opportunities for households wanting to jump on the Renewables bandwagon now.

A full installation for single or multiple family homes as well as for small businesses can be had for relatively low cost now that over-inflated prices have de-flated (as they do with all “bubbles” once they are over with)…

Add to this the availability of more and more cheap Asian products, and you have found yourself a nice buying opportunity — along with the good feeling of Being Green without being bribed to do so by a government agency.


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