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Airdolphin GTO™ 250 V DC Mini Wind Turbine

One of the most silent wind turbines on the market, Airdolphin GTO™ is also one of the most innovative generators we have seen. Including no less than ten novel features, this mini wind turbine has much more to offer than just a very eye-pleasing appearance and the world’s lowest weight-to-output ratio of just 16.5 grams per Watt of rated power: Airdolphin GTO™’s overall power generating capability stands out and tops everything in its class, producing annual totals that make it a viable source of residential power.

  • rotor diameter 5’11″ (1.8 m)
  • top power 4.1 KWp
  • Airdolphin GTO™ is grid-tie optimized for feeding-out or exporting electricity to the public grid
  • internal generator voltage 250 V DC
  • grid-interconnection using common solar PV inverters: these are more widespread and lower-cost than specialized micro wind inverters used in low voltage systems
  • connects to 120 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz breaker boxes using brand name inverters (UL approved/CE approved)
  • capable of generating the same amount of electricity in suitable wind conditions as a much more expensive 6 KW photovoltaic system would
  • cut-in windspeed 5 mph (2.5 m/s)
  • start-up windspeed (electronically) 0 mph (0.0 m/s) with ‘power assist’ function, improves extreme low-wind performance
  • extremely wide range of power-producing wind speeds: from 5 mph (2.5 m/s) to 100 mph (50 m/s), i e from a light breeze to Hurricane-force extreme weather
  • survival-windspeed of 125 mph (65 m/s), meaning Airdolphin likely to be “last man standing”…
  • swing rudder system makes Airdolphin highly responsive to gusty winds and suitable for built-up areas, increasing total annual output significantly even in “unclean” wind situations
  • optimum 4.1 KWp power output reached at wind speed of 20 m/s for 20-40 secs
  • electronic generator breaking mechanism for RPM reduction in high winds and remote start/stop control (incl internet-based control and monitoring over standard web browser)
  • rated capacity 1.1 KW @12.5 m/s
  • exceptionally low noise levels due to advanced blade design: Al Gore recently saw one and noted that it’s pretty silent when running…
  • neat overall design with diecast alloy casing reducing optical impact on surroundings
  • maintenance-free design, electronically balanced blades, anti-corrosion teflon-based paint, screwless casing
  • design life of 20+ years
  • total weight just 17.5 kgs
  • our low-price guarantee: we’ll match the total price if you found it cheaper somewhere else, just e-mail us!
  • optimized for interconnection with the public grid, Airdolphin GTO™ is a good choice for owners intending to feed-out Clean Energy and, at the same time, collect attractive net-metering credits or Feed-in tariff payments decreasing the payback period significantly and increasing overall profits from system
  • Airdolphin GTO ™ is available here, worldwide shipping available
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