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Get Some German Engineering (Not Just for Your Driveway)

A revolutionary design, patented blades and an extremely high output ratio — these are the main features of a micro wind turbine truly “Made in Germany” but without the associated cost of most of the VW models people put in their driveways these days.

The BreezeBreaker 500 is under 5 ft (1.5 m) in diameter and costs under $1500. Developed by a 19-year old inventor from Hannover, Germany, this turbine has the lowest weight-to-output ratio in the world and undercuts Japan’s Zephyr Airdolphin Z1000-25 and Airdolphin GTO™ “next generation” models by roughly one third.

It did not take very long for the “next generation” to start looking like a rather old one: BreezeBreaker 500 by 19 years old Fritz Unger does not only sport a sensational weight-to-output ratio (just 11.875 grams per Watt of rated power) but also makes clever use of rotor physics: 2-blade designs are generally far superior to more blades as 2-blade rotors reduce blade turbulence and suffer significantly less wind energy loss.

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Residential-Scale Mini Wind Systems Increasingly Popular

The Mini Wind sector is reportedly growing at an annual rate of 15% in the U. S. despite the overall economic situation that might have you expect otherwise. One explanation is that the smart money (those people that stopped ‘flipping properties’ in 2006 or are gradually pulling their money out of the stock market since July ’07) seem to be heavily moving into having their own Green Power systems and also take advantage of that 30% federal income tax break everybody is talking about. Another explanation is the move toward safe-haven investments (gold, selected real estate, commodities or other tangibles). One of these may be having a residential-scale power system, particularly if it is properly configured to provide backup during blackouts.

Airdolphin Z1000-24 pricey quality small wind turbine available from miniwindshop Hamburg and online from http://www.miniwindsystems.com/

While we do not believe too much in those ‘suburbistan’ scenarios where the security benefit of backup power would be the most eminent, a certain degree of power independence is always a good thing — particularly if it comes with little extra effort while making your move from CO2-heavy centralized grid power to environmentally-friendly residential-scale Renewables!

Ready-Made Solutions and Turn-Key Packages

Striving to make Green Energy more accessible to everyone, we have developed and will soon launch a grid-tie pre-engineered mini wind system that comes complete with permit-ready documentation and an installation manual in plain English.

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According to our customers, the lack of ready-made solutions and turn-key packages is the missing link in mini wind turbine technology. We’ll deliver just that!