Very Powerful CSP Generator

We are glad to announce a novel CSP generator unit that is both extremely powerful and small in size. Using Concentrating Solar Power, the SopoLite™ unit generates heat for both power generation or direct heat applications (hot water, air conditioning/refrigeration, process heat). The SopoLite™ system is available as a part of the Mini Wind & Solar Technologies program by ecoPen Ltd.

SopoLite™ can be adapted to Home Power applications and is suitable for larger-scale power generation including commercial process heat and electricity generation using thermal engines. Sopogy trough technology can be configured to replace natural gas or other fossil power plants and significantly reduce carbon emmissions.

SopoLite, available shortly through Mini Wind & Solar Technologies by ecoPen Ltd



The system consists of a scaled down version of Sopogy’s parabolic trough that is able to follow the sun from east to west during the course of the day. As in a typical solar field, a mineral oil circulating through the system gains temperature as the parabolic trough is focused at the sun with a proprietary tracking system. The heat generated in this fashion is typically used for electricity generation, air conditioning and process heat applications. On the SopoLite™, various sensors measure the temperature gain, the flow velocities, solar irradiance, wind speed, rainfall and ambient temperature. These parameters are used to determine the thermal output of the collectors. The sophisticated controls allow remote access to evaluate all relevant data through an interactive graphic interface.

SopoLite, available shortly through Mini Wind & Solar Technologies by ecoPen Ltd



Pre-configured SopoLite™ systems are able to cover larger and commercial energy needs and are priced around £49,600.00 in the U. K. or roughly €54,800.00 in Eurozone and other EEC countries. Although residential-scale or small business systems can be deployed, SopoLite™ systems are tailoured for and primarily focused towards larger-scale residential developments, real estate management, commercial energy users and businesses who want to green their operations and significantly cut on high energy cost.

SopoLite, available shortly through Mini Wind & Solar Technologies by ecoPen Ltd


In the U. K., SopoLite™ systems are expected to be eligible for payments of 18.6p per KWh equivalent generated under the MCS Solar Thermal scheme (green energy cashback).

For further details, to discuss system requirements or to receive a no-obligation quote for an individual project, please contact us using the Reply field below.

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  1. Valentine Eku

    I am a social entrepreneur with extensive knowledge and several years experience in Solar PV and Energy management. I am currently developing projects for rural electrification in some communities in Nigeria. I am interested in your SCP system (SopoLite) for electricity generation and cooling. Please send me full details about this product and pricing.


    1. admin

      that would be the LE-300 Wren as listed inside the shop (to get there right away, click here or on the link above). This micro turbine is just 5 and a half kilograms and very easy to deploy, rotor diameter is 1.0 metre.

      Hope this helps for a start, please feel free to e-mail for further details, if needed.

    2. admin


      thank you for your enquiry — it was hidden among stacks of Spam messages, only found it now — I am sorry for the late reply…

      Sopogy CSP generators are not available as small units so far. A portable unit (roughly 2 sq metres?under 100 kgs) with significantly lower output though is under development and will be released later this year. Prices are expected to be under $1000 per installed kWh-equivalent. Please register yourself on the website to receive updates as soon as they are released. For free registration, click here

      In mini wind, our smallest viable units are the LE-300, see at $755 or roughly €500) and the slightly more powerful BreezeBreakeer800, see (from $1000 or €750 approximately). We should be able to supply both before the coming construction season starts, if interested.

      If you have any further questions, please e-mail direct to , and one of our staff will see your message without any unnecessary delay. Sorry again for the mishap!

      Kind regards,

      Jason Myers

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