What’s ‘Mini Wind’?

‘Mini Wind’ Turbines are classified as small wind turbines from 1.5 KW to roughly 15 Kilowatts rated output. (Smaller turbines below that level are ‘Micro Wind’ Turbines.)

A Mini Wind Turbine can power a home, a farm or a small business. Many models are designed for matching an average home’s power needs right away. If very small models are used, combination of either two or more turbines or a wind-solar hybrid setup may provide any missing portion. Combination (multiplication) is always doing the trick, even in large-scale public power programs. No single power plant alone is capable of powering a whole country (that’s why a public grid exists in the first place). Long-term continuity (trickle-charging an accumulation device) is another approach to arrive at a given required volume. (These are very basic approaches taken from economics, and they burn down to the phaenomenon of multiplication by either capacity or time; it’s like doing long-term profits or using compound interest in finance for amassing a significant fortune as a result).

Make no mistake, even a “small looking” generating system is worth its salt — particularly when the days of cheap energy from fossil fuels or even nuclear are numbered. Fossil or nuclear based generation along with distribution technologies are based on waste, a waste that has always been the wrong thing to do and has always been unsustainable. It is increasingly admitted that this waste-based approach is no longer affordable. Mini Wind along with other “residential-scale” or decentralized power generation technologies significantly contribute to immediately cutting down on that unaffordable waste produced by a failed approach to energy generation. By generating energy from Renewables right where it is needed, both components of that unsustainable waste are addressed and will eventually be solved when mass usage of residential-scale generation outweighs or fully replaces wasteful centralized power generation.

By investing in Mini Wind or other residential-scale Renewables (and at the same time taking advantage of tax breaks and other incentives available) everyone can be part of the solution rather than the problem right away.